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Bath Bombs 101

Some people may ask… what is a Bath Bomb?

Welcome to Eye Candy Secrets

We are a premium bath bomb supplier and retail store. We create handmade bath bombs and beauty products that we sell at our retail store, online and to retailers across Canada. Our products are made with care and our customers love our them.

Proudly made in Ontario Canada, our products are clean, non-toxic and safe. Many people with sensitive skin can also benefit from our products as it has made a difference in their lives.

– bath bombs 101 –

Some people may ask what is a Bath Bomb?

Bath bombs are fizzy, bubbly, ball shaped items that are made of ingredients that slowly dissolve and fizz in a bath of warm water.

They stimulate four of the five human senses: Sight (with the vibrant colours), Sound (as you lay back and listen to the soothing bath water), Smell (as you enjoy the aromatherapy of the bath) and Touch (as your skin has the most sensory receptors in your body).

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